Rooms and prices

The hotel offers comfortable rooms with all conveniences, wireless Internet access (Wi-Fi), TV, air conditioning, safe.

The hotel has a library, a conference room for negotiations and master classes ... Car owners are provided with free round-the-clock secure parking on the territory of the Mosfilm Cinema Concern.

Our guests can visit the legendary film studio as part of excursion groups and get acquainted with its history and today. Check-in / check-out round the clock, free taxi call, etc.

Junior suite

from 4 900 /day

2-bed room with a wide bed without a balcony

from 3 300 /day

2-bed room with 2 separate beds

from 3 600 /day

Single room with narrow bed

from 2 700 /day

2-bed room with a wide bed and a balcony

from 3 500 /day

Single room with a wide bed and a balcony

from 3 000 /day